Sorry I disappear!

Hey guys, I’m sorry I disappeared. I got really busy and a lot of things happen. I just didn’t have any time anymore. Plus I have been in the process of buying a house and it was just stressful and time consuming. I saw that someone picked up the novel and I’m greatful for that. There were some donations that I never delivered the chapter to, so I will be making a donation to the new site for it. I’m also looking forward to reading the ongoing translations. Once again thanks for all the support, maybe when things drop off and I have time, I will work with the other translator. :)

Here is the link to the other translation site by Delivery Man:

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Sorry the site keeps going down guys, my database is crashing cause of the spam bot :(. Trying to fix it.

EDIT: Deleted a bunch of spammer and bot users. Installed a plugin that hopefully helped. Basically the bots/spams was crashing my database. :/

EDIT 2: Sorry if I mistakenly deleted anyone account. I deleted users that was flagged.

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Chapter 63 Release

Sorry that I have disappeared. Just been busy. Between work, gym, and going out. I haven’t really been home except to sleep lol. Anyway, 4th chapter that was suppose to release last week :/, my bad. Brought to you by BtBurns once again. More chapters coming this week. Will try for 2-3 more, since the donation bar is still full.

Chapter 63: Whipping

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Sorry If The Site Was Down

Sorry if you had trouble accessing the site. There was some problem with the database for the host I’m using. Seems like the database was down. Hopefully, it is resolved. If not I will need to chat with tech support. Sorry for the trouble.

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Chapter 62 Release

Sorry guys, been a really busy weekend. With Independence Day, Women World Cup, and tons of food, I only had time to do the 3rd chapter. I will get the 4th chapter I owe you guys tomorrow. This 3rd chapter is brought to you by BtBurns, so give him some thanks. The story is somewhat getting more mature, with just a little sexual, nothing crazy lol. So be forewarn. Anyway enjoy!

Chapter 62: Conversation in the Night

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